Standard Phone On Hold Music Systems

On hold music systems for standard phones are a bit more complicated to setup than phone system music on hold on a PBX business phone system. If you are currently using phones purchased from an office supply store, or any other consumer phone that you can plug into and use on any standard residential phone jack, then your on hold music system will require the use of a music on hold adapter. In other words, standard phones, even those bought form office supply stores, are not normally music on hold compatible without additional hardware.

Since music on hold adapters can have compatibility, reliability, and cost related issues, one alternative is to upgrade your phones with a business phone system. Going with an actual business phone system makes setting up your on hold music system much easier and more reliable. The following links are to online phone system dealers (you will still want to hire a local telecom provider to install and program your system initially).

Or you can look up “telecommunications” or “phone systems” in your local area and have a provider sell and install your system. Prices for a phone system with a music on hold capability start at about $500 for a small refurbished system, and go up to several thousand dollars for larger more sophisticated systems. Make sure whatever you get is compatible with a normal on hold music system.

If you prefer to use your standard or consumer phones, you will need to connect a music on hold device such as a music on hold adapter in addition to a music on hold player. Visit our music on hold adapter page for more details on the pros and cons. Factor in an additional $100-$200 just for the adapter.

Another helpful tip: If you use call waiting, you will want to disable it and set up “busy call forwarding” or a “rollover” line to your other phone line. Even with an adapter, there is no way to provide music on hold content to callers during a call waiting switch-over. Still have more music on hold questions not covered on our site? Visit our “Ask The Music On Hold Expert” page and post your question online!